Investor Services and Commercial Real Estate




The goal of our Commercial Real Estate Investment Division is to understand our clients unique objectives and motivations, to identify real estate opportunities that satisfy their individual needs.

By establishing long-term relationships with our clients and offering the highest level of targeted professional services, which utilize an analytical approach to identify properties that meet the client's investment criteria, we create a seemless process to achieve a seamless transaction.

Client Services
1031 Exchange Tax Deferred Transactions
Acquisition & Disposition
Financial/Investment/Valuation Analysis
Contract Negotiations
Finance Source Identification
Commercial Development Services
Project Construction Planning Services
Property Management & Leasing Services

  Understanding Your Objectives

Our specialists gain a thorough understanding of investors objectives and current assets. This enables Investec to help clients develop the right property-level and portfolio strategy. 

             Results in Timely and Personalized Advisory Service 

Clients receive detailed analysis to support buy, hold and sell decisions and formulate real estate investment plans. Our real-time market knowledge is combined with leading research as the basis of our advisory services.  

  Deliver Informed Decisions and Winning Strategies

Clients utilize our advisory and consulting services to formulate buy-sell decisions, analyze markets, shape long-term portfolio strategies, evaluate development or redevelopment options and optimize returns during the holding period of properties.

           Help Clients Success Beyond a Singe Transaction  

    We view each transaction as a stepping stone toward a long-standing relationship.

    We are dedicated to being the best lifetime source of information and expertise to our clients