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Investec Realty is privileged to offer unique services for buyers & sellers of real estate in the Asheville area. We provide exceptional customer service to ensure your real estate process is as smooth as possible. Our service area spans western North Carolina mountain real estate properties with a focus on real estate in Asheville NC and the nearby towns of Weaverville, Fairview, and Black Mountain. If you are looking for exceptional mountain service, please contact us.

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the blueblaze edge: a new paradigm for buyers, sellers and agents.

Say goodbye to traditional real estate transactions and hello to our difference! blueblaze real estate group is a team of visionary, experienced and savvy real estate marketers and entrepreneurs focused on delivering high-level results. Through our modern and creative approach to conducting business, we do real estate at a different pace. We are full-service and fully committed to providing the best real estate experience for all of our clients.

Our innovative listing pricing model enables blueblaze clients to save an average of 20%-50% in fees. With our extensive real estate knowledge, use of high-level marketing strategies and professional-quality photography and videography, blueblaze creates a new environment where buying and selling is a breeze.

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Entrepeneurial Agents

blueblaze agents love what they do. They think, act and deliver results because they are business-minded.

Effective Searches

We have the tools to find you the best real estate fit for your needs.


blueblaze is a departure from everything you know about the real estate experience.



Asheville Economic Impact Information

Visitors significantly contribute to the Asheville economy. In 2021, visitors spent $2.6 billion, according to preliminary research received in July 2022 from Longwoods International and Tourism Economics.

The benefits of visitor spending are distributed across many business categories. Although the occupancy tax shoulders 100% of the destination marketing investment for our community, lodging partners in 2021 garnered just under a third of the visitor spending at 31%. Restaurants and breweries, local shops, recreation, entertainment and tour providers and transportation companies reaped 69% – the lion’s share of visitor spending rewards

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 This is a great reseource for all of Asheville Strategic Initiatives as we continue our fast paced growth 

 Here is an example of a highlight report that is offered on the site. 


What is the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority? 

The Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority is the public authority created in 1983 by an act of the North Carolina Legislature to oversee the collection and investment of occupancy taxes paid by travelers who stay overnight in commercial lodging establishments, such as hotels and motels, bed and breakfast operations, and vacation rentals such as Airbnb and VRBOs. The members of the Buncombe County TDA Board have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the tax dollars are spent in accordance with the specific legislation governing their use.

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